Why most of the more prosperous people are choosing only five start hotels?

Why most of the more prosperous people are choosing only five start hotels?

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While seeing the method of cooking and the required elements for cooking is always endless. According to the chef, it would differ because while taking a food recipe, we could see a list of foods and beverages listed in the menu card. Only here, the chef plays an essential role in preparing the customer’s food within a limited period and without wasting their customer’s time. So the restaurants – reviews are based on the chef’s cooking and the food’s taste. Only by preparing the tasty food more than a 60percent of people will get attracted to the hotels. But to earn the remaining people, you should have a neat presentation of your food packages while home delivery.

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Basic rules to be followed in foods and beverage restaurants. 

Usually, to get a positive review from the customers, there are some steps to be followed and maintained regularly to the customers by the restaurant owners and working servants, that are first of all if any of the people visit your hotel reception your guests should be greeted within 30 seconds that means within any delay they should be welcomed. If any customers would contact through phone calls, the receptionist should attend to the needs within the end of 3 rings. Then automatically, customers will ask their doubts and queries to you, as a result of this the short answer they should get clarified in their suspicions.

Then any of the restaurant workers should walk through the guest while escorting them. Whoever may be given first preference for ladies and let them be seated first. Then while placing the menu card, put it on the left-hand side of the guest and also while taking an order. Even while serving food items, each food should be delivered in different positions; for example, if the customer would order bread and butter, it should be kept from the left side of the guests. In case they choose beverages, they should be served from the right side. This kind of serving would change their mind and make them free to have their lunch.

Then while placing food on separate plates, it should be served from the left side with correct arrangements like different kinds of spoons and additional plates for their convenience. The utensils placed on the table should have the proper size, which means every customer can hold it without any difficulties. And the important thing is every table should have few tissue papers to clean up the spilt foods. Usually, food spills should be cleaned sooner, or else it would stick to the clothes. Maintain the order of serving ladies first by oldest before the younger one. The host is always done after his or her guests. When the customer stops ordering after asking for bills within two minutes of waiting, they should have paid bills at their table. Cups filled with tea or coffee should be placed on the right side of the table. The above procedures in serving mean that in any case, customers should not face disturbance in having their food. We can see these kinds of serving in five-star hotels, and at the same time, it is sporadic to find these kinds of servers in regular hotels.