Which alarm system to choose?

Which alarm system to choose?

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The security of the home is often a source of concern. What is the most suitable alarm system? What can be done to reduce the risk of burglary? We take stock. Here are tips for a safer interior. By visiting their website , you can have the smartest information.

Security update

The security is one of the major concerns of our country. According to a survey dating from September 2012, 57% of those surveyed consider the fight against delinquency to be a top priority, just behind unemployment (70%) and health (58%).

It includes a central unit with a built-in siren, 3 motion detectors, 2 opening detectors, a keyboard badge reader, 3 badges and a remote siren with flash.

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Rising Numbers

Among the causes of concern, we can mention the increase in burglaries. The latest report of the National Observatory of Delinquency and Criminal Responses is eloquent. In 2011, nearly 202,000 burglaries of principal residences were observed by the police and the gendarmerie.

New Practices

If the number of recorded facts flies, the ways of proceeding, they, evolve. The perpetrators do not wait until the houses are empty or the inhabitants sleep to take action. More than half of burglaries take place during the day and 1/3 in the presence of residents.

Faced with this, alarm manufacturers and security professionals have decided to create more and more high-tech products. Some sites or insurance companies provide individuals with an interactive tool to assess their vulnerability to burglary risks. Following which you are offered a diagnosis and advised an alarm system adapted to your needs.

The different alarm systems

The wireless or wired intruder alarm detects the presence of thugs in your absence and emits an audible signal in the vicinity. When the system is connected to a mobile phone, it can be warned directly on it in case of intrusion.

The average time of a burglary is estimated at 8 minutes, a time too short for the police to arrive at the scene following a call from a local resident.

No chance either to find the thief if no one could identify him running away. Although it is a deterrent in 95% of cases and it scares away burglars, this type of alarm is therefore increasingly neglected in favor of more advanced facilities or supplemented by a remote monitoring system.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring can complement an anti-intrusion alarm. A motion detector is connected to a monitoring center which when the alarm is triggered, contacts the owner and the police. The officer in charge of the surveillance can also move on the spot to see if there has been an offense. If the offer is attractive, the price of such a system can, however, discourage. In addition to the installation, you must then pay a subscription monthly. Rates vary from one company to another and depending on the type of services taken out.

Home Automation

New alarm systems go further. With home automation, it is possible to remotely control the interior of his home, via the internet or his smartphone. We can hear and see what happens at home from his office or his vacation spot, 24/24 h. If we forget to trigger the system when leaving, do not panic. A small manipulation on his mobile phone is the turn.