What you need to know about maintaining and repairing concrete

What you need to know about maintaining and repairing concrete

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The main advantage of using a ready mix is ​​that it is much easier to purchase exactly the amount of concrete you need for a job. Mixed-site projects always force buyers to overestimate the amount of concrete needed for a job because underestimating can waste everyone’s time. Readymix alternatives allow buyers to estimate the size of their projects knowing that adding more later is easy. For more details, click here .

Although concrete is strong and durable, proper maintenance can prolong its life and preserve its beauty. While concrete surfaces are relatively easy to maintain compared to other surfaces, they still require attention here and there. The degree of curing required depends on the amount of concrete received. Residential concrete surfaces require much less maintenance and repair than high-traffic areas such as public sidewalks. Residential concrete surfaces like floors get less traffic, and simple maintenance activities like sweeping and wet mopping keep them looking like new for a long time.

Simple maintenance tips

Here are some general tips to ensure your concrete surface is well maintained:

  • Avoid concrete surface designs with cutouts, as narrow cuts trap dirt and water that can degrade your surface quality. For unpolished surfaces, protect them with a good sealant to prolong life and improve their appearance.
  • To preserve the sealant, coat with a commercial concrete wax finish. The finish protects the pad against dirt, stains, and abrasion. It is also very easy to reapply when it starts to fade. For high-traffic areas such as entrances, use area rugs to minimize wear and tear and maintenance.
  • Regularly clean concrete surfaces to remove dirt, grit, or stains by sweeping, dusting, and mopping. Use cleaning products recommended by the manufacturer for sealing or finishing to protect your surfaces. When the surface begins to lose its shine, use a commercial polish to polish. Also, ensure that regular repairs are made to broken or cracked surfaces.

How to repair concrete cracks

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Residential concrete repairs are mostly easy do-it-yourself projects. For major concrete repairs, it is recommended that you order ready-mix concrete that can be delivered to the job site by the commercial concrete pump. Here are simple steps you can take to repair broken or cracked concrete surfaces:

First, clean the surface you have identified to remove any dirt or oil-based stains to ensure that the concrete sealant you use adheres to the cement. Using a chisel and hammer, remove any large blocks from the surface. Drill holes or cracks to make its base larger than the surface. This will help the concrete you use a stick to the old surface. Use a broom and vacuum cleaner to remove all dirt from the key surface. You can now patch the concrete into the cracks and smooth it out, then test after a short time to confirm that the putty has settled. For commercial projects such as warehouses, retail stores, or commercial facilities, ready-mixed concrete can be delivered using concrete supply commercial concrete pumps. Let the concrete harden at least overnight, then check if additional patching is needed. Finally, you should seal the patched surface with a concrete sealant to prevent stain absorption. For high traffic areas, multiple layers of glue may be required for extra protection. Concrete repair can go a long way in helping your concrete surface look good and last for years.