What Kind of Option You have for the WordPress Plugins

What Kind of Option You have for the WordPress Plugins

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During the design phase, it is then appropriate to examine the number and what type of particular sections we will need. With the WordPress Plugins this is important. Some of these can be:

  • ecommerce
  • Portfolio
  • Events management
  • News management
  • Celebrity endorsement
  • Landing page

Mass selection of themes

After understanding our needs in detail, we carry out a mass scrapping of the themes on Themeforest, ranging in the different categories that seem to me to contain the product we are looking for. To make my work easier, we create a new Collections (such as the Amazon wish list ) to which we will add all the themes that seem appropriate to me.

To create a new collection there are two methods. We can press on the username> Collections.


On the page that appears, we press the New Collection button. Create a new collection conclude the operation, it is then sufficient to assign a name to the new Collection, which we select to remain private (Keep it private) and then press the Create Collection button. The second, faster method is to display a graphic theme and press the Add to Collection button, located below each item on the Envato platform.

WordPress Plugins

Add to collection

After pressing the button a new window will open where we can select an existing collection, to which to add the graphic theme or the resource we are viewing, or create a new one.

Add theme collection

To create a new collection in this case, simply write the name of our collection and press the Great, I’m done button.

How to make a wild scraping of possible graphic themes

After understanding in which category we can find a graphic theme suited to our needs, we hover over the first results, quickly analyzing 50 to 100 graphic themes sorted by release date. In this way, every time the mouse passes over the featured image, a brief preview of the theme will appear and if the appearance or the information contained in it attracts my attention, we will open the technical sheet in a new browser tab (with Windows and Chrome / Firefox from keyboard CTRL + mouse click or we press on the mouse wheel).

Forest preview

In this way, we make a first choice, which generally excludes regardless of very few themes among those proposed by Themeforest.

After opening about twenty results for a quick jump from tab to tab (with Windows and Chrome / Firefox from keyboard CTRL + TAB ) and open the preview of the theme in a new window ( CTRL + click ), thanks to the Live Preview button, present in the technical data sheet of the theme.

Live preview ThemeForest

If the graphic theme, at a very fast analysis, seems to me to have the required characteristics, we add it to the collection created for the occasion.

Functional analysis (fast)

After selecting at least twenty graphic themes (but depending on the project they can be more or less) we open them each in its technical data sheet and analyze its functionality, to understand if they meet my needs or if they lack something. we also conduct this analysis quickly as my goal is to start skimming the list.