What are the rules and how to play an archery tag?

What are the rules and how to play an archery tag?

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Promoting the games to all class people, Singapore is making many things, and one of that is the archery tag game. Anyone with any age group can play this game. The idea of the games makes many to get attract if they play it once. Because of the fun, along with the energy and health benefits, make people turn back again and again. This archery tag singapore  promotes many innovative ideas and, most probably, the bonding between the family and the friends. People who had experience with this game said they feel very relaxed after the excellent play, which makes them more interested in playing again. If you are not a gym person, your exercise routine can be fulfilled by playing 2 to 3 hours a week. So many people are doing it for the correct blood circulation of the body and keep them well-conditioned for so long.

It helps you enjoy the fun and provides excellent health benefits aside without your knowledge. There are three types of this game,

  • Archery tag
  • Laser tag
  • Bubble soccer

Rules of archery tag game:

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There are straightforward rules, and regulations are carried out by this game, which makes the game more thrilling. In the general archery tag, all the companies follow the same rules with different groups. Let us see the game structure in detail.

  • For the very first, we divide the participant with five groups in each there will be a maximum of 5 and a minimum of 4 people, which is approximately 20 to 25 people in total.
  • An instructor will instruct the game paths and the usage of the equipment. We use the bow and arrow. The participant has to know how to hold the bow and fix the running target.
  • Your concentration should be in the running target or a stable target with the bow and arrow’s help. You have to shoot that. By this, you will score a point to your team.
  • The instruction will provide the safety gear to each of them for the safety measures the participants will be requested not to remove those at any point of the game.
  • Then all the participants are advised to enter into the battleground. There will be different types of equipment, which helps to hide from the opponents.
  • For each of the teams, the other four teams are the opponents. They should be meticulous when they shoot then. Incase if they shoot the same team member, the dead number will be added to their team.
  • They should take only two arrows at a time that may be very low to many, but that is the game strategy you have to be careful when you use each arrow. Because you have to pick the arrow from the center of the battleground, it is dangerous for the one who goes and picks the arrow.
  • At the end of the game, the death counts are calculated, and the team which scores very less dead count will be announced as the winning team. By this, you can able to build your team bonding.