The Use of the Perfect Instagram Follower Marketing

The Use of the Perfect Instagram Follower Marketing

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A great way to make you known on Instagram is to use hashtags. You can add 30 maximum per photo so do not deprive yourself. Don’t forget the more attractive and catchy hashtags you use the more free instagram followers you will get.

Put hashtags related to the photo

It is simple, fast and effective. If you publish a photo of a storm, you add #Storm. This is an excellent method because people looking for pictures of thunderstorms will surely consult this hashtag and therefore fall on your picture. As the photo corresponds precisely to their request, they can like it and possibly subscribe to your account. This how you can increase your instagram likes and also get more followers.

Put the popular hashtags

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Otherwise, you can put the most popular hashtags on which there is the most traffic. The disadvantage is that it is not targeted. You see all types of photos when looking for these hashtags. But the advantage is that there is significantly more traffic on the hashtags in question. Better you can search through the instagram follower tracker app and check what are the trending hashtags among your followers and post accordingly.

Post regular stories

Since 2016, Instagram has integrated the story option. This feature allows you to share photo or video with all of your followers, but for a limited time (24h). It’s a simple way to tell your day or follow your adventures without cluttering your profile and your publications.

These stories appear at the top of the app on the newsfeed, so this is the first place your fans see when they connect to the app. This is a great way to keep your community engaged even if you do not have a great photo to offer. Bring them into your daily life, it will humanize you again.

Sync your Instagram account with your other accounts on social networks. It’s quite logical, because they imagine that seeing photos of your friends interests you, and they are often right. Therefore, by linking your Instagram account to your Facebook account, you give all your friends the opportunity to discover and subscribe to your account. Do not neglect it.

Simple tips for having more likes on Instagram

With 500 million active users a month, Instagram ranks as the second most popular social network after Facebook. Users download more than 95 million photos and videos a day. These publications receive more than 4.2 billion likes a day.

Use bright colors

It’s important that you know the power of colors on Instagram. One study showed that a predominantly blue post gets 24% more like a red one. In addition, photos with a single unified color spectrum generate 17% more than those with many different colors. Those that emphasize the contrast, adjust the exposure or add a warm tone to the photos are more powerful.

Treat the legend

Instagram is a social network centered on the visual. However, this does not allow you to neglect the caption that accompanies your publications. Unlike Twitter, Instagram has no character limit, so you can write a long enough legend, if that matches the spirit of your brand. Nevertheless, an effective legend may contain only a few words. If you are unsure about the text to be written, include a question. This is a great way to engage users who will be happy to provide their answers in comment.