The power of the freedom firm

The power of the freedom firm

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1.The beginning

The freedom firm is a not for profit organization which was established by a small group in 2006 which aimed at rescuing girls who are sex trafficked and restoring their identities. They fight for justice against those who were involved in the sexual exploitation of these girls. The DWI Freedom Firm is present in Houston. When you are pulled over for a DWI whose expansion goes like, Driving while intoxicated, the DWI attorneys of the firm are at your aid and they can be contacted for any kind of questions and advice. Once you contact them, you can never be disappointed. DWI means when a driver is committing a crime by operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or other drugs or any other intoxicative which is a life threat to both the driver and the public. DWI refers to blood alcohol content and is an areal serious crime, meaning someone is driving with a BAC od more than 8.2. DWI also means driving while impaired.

2.   The Freedom Firm – About

DWI Freedom Firm

These firms have helped a lot of people who have been wrongly accused of this offence There are so many people who are really grateful to the attorneys of the firm. They are one of the best firms in the world. The Freedom Firm was founded by Greg and Mala Milstead. In 2002 they joined with the IJM which is the International Justice Mission. This was started to provide justice to all the sufferers throughout the world. Greg and Mala worked with the IJM for over 5 years. Greg the founder of the organization worked at the IJM as the Operational Field Director for Mumbai. Then he established the first sex trafficking work right from India. Greg built a powerful team of investigators, social workers, lawyers which made them a great team. They later had a partnership with the local authorities to bring justice to all the victims who had fallen in the trap of sex trafficking.

Achievements of the Freedom Firm

The team worked really hard and is still working hard to achieve more. They have rescued over 630 victims with the prosecution of more than 180 perpetrators. Since the foundation in 2006, the Freedom Firm has rescued over 300 minor girls who were cheated by the heartless brutal predators and put them into the commercial sex trade.  Greg had great legal expertise and Mala was very passionate and creative in teaching with both of this put together they began their journey to save the ones that are being harmed. This became a great success because of the dedicated staffs And everyone’s hard work put together. The staffs search the girl’s skills and talents and pave way for dignity through employment and they never fail to foster healthy independence. In 2002, they restored many girls and taught them many valuable lessons. With their teachings and preaching they could overcome all the hurdles in their lives further. The Freedom Firm is active in India and The United States Of America. Their mission is to save the victims from sex trafficking and restore the victims with their own efforts.

How was it possible?

With the joint efforts of Mala, Greg and many others who were connected to the mission, it has now helped hundreds of families and young girls and made their life worth living. This world needs more people like them.