The New Element

The New Element

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In the world, every particle is moving in a distant time and distant space. That’s why we are living because we also moving if we move slow or fast we will die. Like that every other particle moves fast it will produce some kind of energy. It is the first element in the world to form all kinds of resources and living organisms. This energy is the motive for all the living organisms because if objects or an organism want to live or moving it require some more energy. That’s why energy is very important to all of us in the world. We have so many kinds of energy, we have to utilize them properly and the Power to Choose is the best way and by this, we can figure out which energy or power is suitable for us.

Power to Choose

Necessary of energy!

Energy is the main source of all living and non-living organisms. The energy is classified into many types like Solar energy, wind energy, hydro energy, kinetic energy, chemical energy, and so on. These energies are used in many ways to do work or to produce something or modify or also for disaster. The chemical energy is one of the main energy which is used nowadays. It is used in various ways like reproducing in the chemical reaction and also used in the medical department by producing drugs like antibiotics, antigens, tablets for the patients, and so on. It is also used in the nuclear department and nuclear department it plays a vital role like a catalyst it is used to increase the speed of the reaction in the nuclear bombs and some other nuclear reactions. It is also used to stop nuclear reactions.

Cost of energy?

The energy we are talking about it can’t be produced in a simple manner or way. It is very difficult to produce and reproduce and the manpower to produce the energy is very large and also in the financial department that’s why it is very high in cost. That’s why they introduce the energy rate concept. By this, we have to pay for the energy at an affordable price. That will be given by the government and measured by the government. But some kind of people can’t afford the price because of their poor income and some of them are below the poverty line. It is a very major problem in most of the countries. That’s why many nations are in the developing stage in the world and the countries that can produce energy and also reproduce it. it knows us developed countries. This country has all kinds of resources, they will also provide food, water, and shelter. According to this, energy is important so that’s why the government is placing the price or rate to pay. It is also attached to our taxes us the name of the energy rates. The flow of energy is the heartbeat of the world. It is like “if the world stops its spin, we all die” like that if the flow of the energy stops we will be in a very poor stage.