Role of professional wedding photographer

Role of professional wedding photographer

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Every professional photographer has his own style, and you need to know whether or not it goes along with what you want from your wedding photos. You should like your chosen North East Wedding Photographer  and bond her well. Does the dream of your wedding excite the photographer, how do you describe it?

Another way to differentiate the good from the poor photographers is by familiarizing them with better photographers. In your area, there may be one or two great photographers who charge more than $10000 per wedding. You may not be able to afford that but you can realize what good photography really is by looking at their photographs. Then look to other photographers for those elements. You’ll get a sense of what great photography is and as a result, you’ll be able to distinguish the good photographers from the mediocre ones more easily.

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Pick your three top choices according to style and size, and schedule a meeting with them. For that, there should be no cost. You would pretty much want to recruit them from the knowledge you learned about their style and price before you get to meet them.


You want to meet them and see how they present themselves and whether their personalities match. You want someone personable and sweet to get along well with you, your family and your friends. Never make a decision immediately, go home and think about it first and wait until you’ve reached all three. The meeting should be casual, and generally, discuss your wedding day. Never get sold on services the photographer at this stage is trying to offer you. Remember you’ve already agreed that you like the job and the quality before you got there, so at this stage, there’s nothing the photographer can sell to you. Only meet them, and get them to know.

Please contact the photographer once you have made your decision, and let them know. Don’t forget to email the other two photographers to let them know you’ve chosen to use another photographer and to thank them for the time. Go over the specifics with the photographer you’ve chosen on your phone and get them to write a wedding contract for you to review and sign. Don’t pay a fee until you have the contract checked and signed. Read the wedding contract very thoroughly; you should write down everything you are supposed to receive and have the timetable for price and payment. Always give a very clear note of their policy of cancelation.

To help back up any claims, try physical evidence. However, in the end, the evidence of the pudding is in the feeding. Their photos express a thousand words. Look at a set of pictures from their wedding. Make sure they can offer a selection from more than one wedding, and make sure that you can also see pictures from a single wedding, i.e. make sure that your chosen photographer can tell your day’s ‘story’ in the images.

Congratulation,. You have found a photographer for your wedding and you have one planned. All you need to do now is schedule a month before your wedding date to meet with them to go over the details again …… and show up for your wedding!