List of best european union car brands

List of best european union car brands

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Car making is the strategic industry in the European Union and it is part of major GDP in their country. It is the strong connection between European countries economically. Every year almost 20 million cars are produced in the European Union. There are over 300 plants in Europe and they providing jobs for 12 million people, which accounts for about 4% of GDP. Auto industries are the largest private sector in the European Union. Vehicles that manufacture in Europe consider as cleanest, safest, and quietest in the world. BMW Service in Austin is the best outside of the European Union. European Union is the global player, who in nearest future about 80% of growth in the automotive industry is expected to occur outside the union. Some of the largest car makers include Volkswagen, The Renault group and the PSA groups in the European Union. Some important cars and their details are given below

Top brands around the European union

BMW Service in Austin

BMW is one of the top 3 cars in the world that was founded in 1916. It is a widely known car company in the world. Two men, Karl Rapp and Gustav Otto started the company, Originally it is called BFW, then it is called BMW AG. The emblem was also created in the same year that proudly denotes the Bavarian state colours.AUDI was established in 1899. Originally this brand was called Horch. Then again the name changed to AudiWerke AG then after 22 years it merged with the other 3 German companies so it called AUDI to date. In this modern technology world, Audi is still standing world’s top car manufacturer company. Audi has launched such amazing cars Audi Q5, Audi A3, A6 and Audi TT. The four interlocking rings are the emblem of this brand. ASTIN MARTIN is one famous brand founded in 1914 by Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford. This car is the official car of Agent 007. This car Launched handsome cars Vanquish S, Vantage, DB5, Rapide, DB7 and DB9 and the super next Aston Martin Vulcan. Today this is the top rank company in the world and Germany.

Walter Owen Bentley was the founder of this brand is called BENTLEY. It has headquarters in England. This company started 100 years exactly. It won 5 times epic Leman’s race nit once. It is very luxurious and very expensive. The person with the Bentley is loaded in this generation. Bentley’caontinental flying spur, 13-year senior model but still worthy and quality. It costs $27900in the market. Enzo Ferrari is the most popular cars around the different cultures in the world. It was established in 1947. Their’s first car was a sports car and it was powered by an 1800 cc 8 cylinder engine. He christened it the 815. Nonetheless, this car brand has 100 more models.JAGUAR is a company founded in 1922 by William Lyons. This company’s name is not jaguar, It was a swallow post sidecar company. It changed its name to jaguar 1935. Jaguar has launched cars F-type coupe and E-type. They decided that as have to feel a different kind of wildlife predator.LAMBORGHINI is the best car and luxurious and lot of power under the hood, established in 1916. The man behind the famous bull logo is founded by Ferruccio and Lamborgini.