Laser tag game explanations and cost details in Singapore

Laser tag game explanations and cost details in Singapore

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Laser tag is an all-time favourite game for adventure lovers. laser tag is suitable for people of all age groups. If you wish to enjoy your weekend or vacation time on a good game then, a laser tag is a great option for you. Laser tag is an affordable game. In this article, we shall go through the price range of laser tag singapore . So, it is suitable for all the income range of society. Laser tag is very popular among teenagers. Laser tag is not painful like other shooting games. It does not stain your clothes if you get shot by your opponent. So it is a safe game. Also, laser guns do not cause any damage to our body or eyes. Laser gun game is suitable for children also. Children from age of 7 or with a height of minimum 50 centimetres re compatible with laser gun games.

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Laser gun game comes in a variety of themes and packages. So, it is priced according to its time and theme packages. Singapore laser tag range starts from 4 dollars up to 40 dollars. The fun empire laser tag situated in Singapore charges 15dollars per hour. Fun empire has team models for laser tag games. Tag team laser tag in Singapore charges 15 dollars for a 20 min game session. They charge up to 280 dollars for their event sessions. They provide the option of installing a laser tag at your preferred venue. This option is useful for parties and other special events .guests can enjoy memorable moments by playing laser tag at your party. Laser quest Singapore offers the cheapest rate from 4 dollars for Singapore resident and 6 dollar package for none residents of Singapore.

This venue also offers to discount up to 20 percent in their price for venue options. This party package comes with complimentary gifts, invitation cards, and a 2-hour laser tag game session. Dux laser tag Singapore offers a range of 20 models of laser guns. The player is free to choose his favourite model. So, they can try out a new model laser tag every time if they wish to it. Dux laser tag charges 30 dollars for a two-hour laser tag game session. Go team laser tag located in Singapore offers large team themes in the laser tag game. This venue charges fourteen dollars for one and a half hour laser tag game sessions. this laser tag game venue is famous for arranging corporate get to gather party with laser tag game and food. Red dynasty paint ball park laser tag game park situated in Singapore charges approximately 25 dollars for a game session. They offer 3d obstacles in the last tag game session. Red dynasty paint ball park laser tag game park also offers day or time game option to the players. Day and night game sessions give a different experience to laser tag players.but the night time laser tag game session is slightly high priced than the day time laser tag game session. Laser ops laser tag game venue situated in Singapore offers smoke effects in your laser tag game session. They charge dollars for a twenty-minute game session.