Hip-life of Ghana music

Hip-life of Ghana music

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By the time of 1990, a new generation of artists came into existence. These artists then discovered something known as the hip-life. The original originator of this hiplife is known as the Reggie Rockstone. Ghana Music Download . He is one of the Ghanian musicians who handled the hip hop in the united states. He then found out his unique style of music and named it as hiplife. Hiplife is nothing but a form of hip hop that is sand in the Ghanian local language.  And there were tow more artists who were the producer of the hammer of the last two and the unveiled artists who are namely tinny and ex-doe actually further popularized this hop life. Many of the directors and producers started taking hoop life music into serious notes and also they started incorporating this music into their albums. And also, note that these were famous producers and actors therefore the hiplife gained momentum and started to get more popular. There are many producers, directors, and actors who are responsible for this rise in high life. This kind of music started to become popular only after coming into the mainstream media and people also started loving a kind of hip hop that was sung in their own language.

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As hip ho[ became damn popular, that is it not only became popular in the united states, it became popular all over the world. The artists such as eminent, jay-z, and 50 cents contributed a lot to the rise of hip hop all over the world. As hip hop started to grow, even the hip life saw its growth exponentially in the ghana youth. There were artists such as Tic Tac, Mensah, and three-man group Buk Bak ensured that the genre became the most dominant sound in the country’s mainstream music scene. Other hiplife artists include Bollie and Tinny.

Some even say that African nations like Ghana are kind of the spiritual home of hip-hop.

Page Anno, who runs the oldest music studio in Ghana, told BBC World Service’s Masterpiece program.”The source of hip-hop is an African tradition, an ancient African tradition of freestyling, which is spontaneous poetry to a rhythmic pattern

“This is an African tradition which is thousands of years old.

“You can say American hip-hop is an evolution of an African tradition.”

A member of the Accra group said that the Ghanaians have remodelled and reclaimed hip hop as hiplife for themselves. They have made their own style of hip hop. He said that they take some of the old touches in them with the highlife music and also make sure that they have the element of the modern hip hop incorporated in their high life music. He said that we do our things in our own way. The country’s reggae scene, which came to prominence in the 80s, also continues to go from strength to strength. We should also note that the guitar high life still remained unstruck and high life through the nation. Particularly these were so popular in the rural areas of ghana. They were mostly used for the concert parties and music and theatre.