Great Choices for the Tire Care Now

Great Choices for the Tire Care Now

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We humans now and then treat ourselves to a pedicure, so why should our motorized partners not even get special care for the tires? Finally, they make important contact with the road, protect us from accidents by aquaplaning and carry all the weight of our vehicles. In this is the best deal for you.

Tire care made easy

Of course, before the beauty cure for the tires can begin, they need to be cleaned. The car wash, however, is paradoxically the reason why the tires often look pale and stained. The better option would be to grab a bucket of soapy water and clean the tires by hand. For more stubborn soiling, you can also use a washing glove and brush, for the subtleties brush and micro-fibre cloth help. After the first cleaning, dry the tires thoroughly.

The result may already be enough for some, but if you want to give your tire extra shine, there is a wide range of products available. We present a small selection here.

Maguire’s Endurance Tire Gel: Its slightly thicker consistency does not make this gel so easy on the job, but it does not run away and can be well incorporated into the tire after a few rubs. The result is a uniform shine on the tire, which looks deep black again.

Valid Tire Care: Very cheap product, which is only sprayed on the tire and then distributed with a pad. After the treatment, the tires are uniformly black and shine extremely, as if they had just been wiped off wet.

Gyeon Tire Q2: Although this product also has a gel-like consistency, it is easier to apply than the Tire Gel. It is green-blue and has a pleasant scent. When applying, not much force must be applied, the gel lays flexibly in all Verteifungen and is absorbed quickly.

PlastStar with silicone: This is plastic care with silicone, which is also available in the silicone-free version. It is also a slightly cheaper alternative to special tire care products and provides a solid shine.

No matter which tire care product you choose, almost always an applicator pad is suitable for the application, under certain circumstances also a soft sponge. In any case, you should have several pads or sponges available and regularly change them during tire care.

Please always apply tire care products on the flanks of your tires, never on the treads where the tires come into contact with the road! There the means make the tires too slippery and dangerous accidents can happen.

Apart from the beauty, you should, of course, check your tires regularly for their safety! Useful tips on tread depth, air pressure and storage can be found here, for example.

Tire storage: Dark, cool and dry

To spare unused tires, they should always be kept cool, dry and dark. In addition, contact with solvents, oil and grease should be avoided. Further tips and hints for the professional storage of tires can be found here.


Driving safety, fuel savings and driving comfort can only be guaranteed in the course of comprehensive tire care. Above all, safety is crucial. So the tires are the only connection to the road and have to work perfectly in all conceivable driving and braking situations. To always arrive safely to the destination, car owners should, therefore, check their tires regularly and replace the tires when worn profiles or too old in good time.