Experience teaches us everything

Experience teaches us everything

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Automobiles are known for luxury. People in the field of film, industries, politics. High priority people usually use cars as their driving vehicle. They take of them in maintaining also. They are their prestige, pride, etc. Loyal people have pairs of automobiles in their homes. Sometimes they get damaged due to scratches, scuffs, and also by collision repair . They get ready by the automobile shops.

collision repair

Automobile history

The automobile invention had started in 1884. It is considered as the birth year of automobiles. It was done by Karl Benz, a German inventor. His first model was named as a motor wagon. He used petrol as fuel. His car has three wheels with a cylinder engine. He received a patent in the year January 1886. After receiving the patent he started selling his model. Then it becomes a four-wheeler vehicle in August 1886. Automobiles are widely used in the 20 century. They run with the fuel namely gasoline or diesel, and with other fluid include ethanol, biodiesel, CNG. Nowadays automobiles are using batteries as their source. They are charged by an external source like hydrogen and sunlight.

Auto shop repair 

Every start has ended too. This also fits for automobiles. Hence parts of cars like glass, engine, wires, wheels, became repair due to usage. They are changed perfectly by the auto shops. It is also called a mechanic shop or workshop. In that shop works like changing glass, painting the vehicles, do some extra works like writing thoughts, placement of toys are also done. This shop is like a hospital for automobiles. All repairs regard cars may be done in that shop. Not only repair washing also takes place. It is called as car washing. It cleans the car. Washing includes cleaning of dust, and waste things inside the car.

The damage of vehicle happens not only by their usage. It is also by external factors such as lightning, falling off branches, raindrops, clouds of dust,etc.,

Home maintenance of automobile

Some tools are frequently used for self-cleaning. They are sponges, brushes, vacuum cleaner, water hoses, car polisher,etc.,

Sponges are used for surface cleaning, and to remove dust inside the car.

Some people use watering pipes to wash cars in the home itself. But it may waste more water. If we wash our cars in shops, we can minimize water usage. Because in the shop water is treated with pressure to clean cars.

Tools in an auto shop

The Air compressor is to check the air pressure. Jack stands are used for water washing. The oil drain and oil caddy are to check the oil content in the engines. Break lathe is to fix break power correctly.

Maintenance check-up

Regular check-up of oil level in the automobile. turbocharged engines require more oil. Make sure that your engine is in normal heat. Because overheating spoils the engine capacity initially. If you see any fault in the spark plugs and wires change them immediately to prevent your car from firing. Check your radiation frequency. These are some tips to save your car lifetime and to prevent unnecessary damages. Conclusion

Automobiles are a passion for someone, dream to someone, they all possible if only there is available of auto repair shops. Because of a small mistake, we can’t change our total car. But Soo many mistakes can be solved by auto repair shops. Small drops make the ocean like that even a small pin in break wire is essential.