Best Choices For the Perfect Use of the Gift Cards

Best Choices For the Perfect Use of the Gift Cards

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At this end of the year, the Christmas holidays are coming and with them the growing desire to spoil your family, your friends, even your colleagues.

After finding the ideal and personalized gift for each of them, comes the time to shop all these presents.

Imagine that you can spoil your loved ones without ruining yourself, and only with a few quick tips? It’s a dream, right? Well today, we will make this dream a reality, by giving you tips to buy your Christmas gifts cheaper. With the gift card you can pursue your loved ones to feel free to buy products like the below-mentioned ones.

Emrys the map

Emrys Card is a cooperative that has created a loyalty program that is starting to become more and more popular. Emrys the map is in partnership with Cadhoc and Total. This allows them to order cadhocs checks and total cards in large quantities and to receive a discount that we could not have by ordering alone.

When we buy cadhocs checks or total cards on the Emrys website, these discounts are not redistributed right away, but are placed in a loyalty plan and will grow over time. This allows us to recover almost all of our expenses (93%) in the form of purchase credit to buy new cadhocs checks and cards for free.

gift card


To save money while doing your Christmas shopping on the Internet, you will first have to think about signing up for a cashback site for the gift card.

Simply put, cashback allows you, through your purchases on various websites, to accumulate credit and obtain discounts.

Simply register for free on gift card site and you will be able to access a multitude of online sales sites. Once on the site of your choice, you do your shopping and pay your order quite normally.

The difference with an ordinary purchase is that there, part of the amount of your order will be returned to your gift card account.

The gift card site, created in 2006 and recently bought by the M6 ​​group, is a cashback platform that offers you not only to pay you a percentage up to 30% of the amount of your order according to the sites but who offers you also a multitude of coupon codes to pay even cheaper!

Thanks to this site and to all partner merchant sites, you will almost always find your happiness, and your prize pool can be paid from 20 €, by bank transfer or Paypal, or by Amazon gift voucher.

Register on a gift card with my referral link and you’ll get € 10 off the registration instead of the usual € 3.

As Christmas approaches, gift card’s partner sites like offer cashback increases that will save you even more.

Private sales

Whether you’re looking for a cheap gift or a cheap gift, and especially if you do not have a clear idea of ​​what you want to offer, you can head to private sales sites. Very developed in recent years, these sites offer you, temporarily and periodically, huge promotions on just about all brands and in all areas: fashion, decoration, shoes, spirits, tickets, travel, food, etc.