Best Diet Needed for Healthy hair growth

Best Diet Needed for Healthy hair growth

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Diet is one of the most important parts that play a very important role in building healthy skin and hair. Foods impact your hair growth and make them healthier and stronger than they ever have. In this article, we highlight some essential foods that are beneficial in Hair growth

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As we all know the importance of hair and its effectiveness. Hair grew up from the roots, so if your roots are weak then it can cause several impacts on the hair growth and also makes your hair thinner and loss. To keep them healthy and strong, it is very important to consume a healthy & nutrients enriched diet.

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What is the Impact of Diet on the Hair growth process?

The hair is made up of a well-known protein named Keratin that grows constantly & splits or changes accordingly as the follicles develop new hairs continuously from the essential nutrients from the body. As a result, foods that most of the people affect the overall quality and hair growth. Essential proteins, fats, vitamins as well as minerals are very advantageous for the development of Stronger and bouncy hairs.

It is an important fact that consuming an adequate or nutritious diet can help in enhancing your nail and skin health. According to an expert surgeon, a person who had a deficiency of vitamins or other nutrients has experience numerable changes that are quite noticeable. If a person consumes these vitamins, the results always come in the form of enhanced hair growth.

The American Academy revealed that normally humans lose 50-150 hairs per day as new hairs are developed from the follicles. Human hairs grow 6 inches i.e. 15 cm per year.

Following a list of Essential foods that are useful in the Hair growth process:

  • Eggs: The most important foods that are useful in hair growth is Eggs. It is a high protein-enriched food that also consists of biotin, an essential mineral that may help you in increasing your hair. The two most common symptoms of biotin deficiency are hair thinning and body hair loss. Researchers cleared that the biotin deficiencies are quite rare in both males and females.

Several supplements that contain an appropriate amount of biotin and consumption of this can enhance skin, nail and hair growth.

Along with that, Some Biotin enriched foods are enlisted below:

  • Seeds
  • Meat
  • Nuts
  • Vegan foods include Spinach, Broccoli and Sweet Potatoes
  • Brazil Nuts: This food contains Selenium that is also a mineral that boosts up the overall hair growth. The scientific reason for getting this food is that it helps in the development of hair. But excess selenium can arise hair loss problems and rashes.

Here are some of the foods that contain Selenium:

Eggs, Dairy products including milk & yogurt and cereals, etc.

  • Fatty Fish: The addition of healthier fats is very important for every diet as fatty acids such as Omega-3 are very good for hair, nail, skin, and eyes. Moreover, fish can be a great source of Vitamin D and fatty acids to reduce the risk factors of hair fall problems and keep your hair healthy.

Greatest Sources of Fatty sources may include:

  • Tuna
  • Sardines
  • Salmon